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What is The Grey Residue Left After Pressure Washing My Deck

Pressure Washing

People use pressure washing for many different purposes, but perhaps the most common factor that would entice them into utilizing a high end power washing rig is that their deck needs a fair bit of maintenance at any given point in time. Decks are usually located in the great outdoors, and this makes it rather likely that they’d need a bit of work before the year is out in some way, shape or form. You can use pressure washing to restore your deck to its former glory, but there can be some unexpected side effects to this process that might leave you puzzled beyond belief.

A frequent side effect that customers of any power washing service sugar land might complain about is grey reside that is left behind after they had their deck thoroughly cleaned out. Suffice it to say that this residue is actually from the wood that your deck was constructed with, and seeing it emerge is actually a good thing. A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that it means that you washed away the dead cells that lay atop your wood, and the residue left behind is an indication that you removed every single one of them.

If you want to remove this residue, just let your deck dry and then sweep it off with a broom. Sweeping is a very underrated aspect of power washing that we feel like more people should incorporate into their cleaning practices. Don’t sweep if the residue is pasty though because this will just spread it out even more and make it harder to clean.

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