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ICO – What Can be The Future of Fundraising?     

ICO is a version of cryptocurrency crowdfunding and is part of the crypto-world. It is one of the easiest and smartest ways for organizations and individuals to fund their projects and for the average user to put resources into businesses that see their value. ICO is an event that usually extends for a period of one week or more and in which everyone is allowed to purchase newly issued tokens to receive established digital currencies such as Ether (ETH) / Ethereum Blockchain or Bitcoin (BTC). You can also get free bitcoins from us for a discounted price.

How to buy free Bitcoins and initial cash offerings are also discussed here.

In the ICO Marketing Guide, there may be certain terms or conditions far removed from the business financing, meaning that each token will have a predetermined amount that will not change during the ICO period, which means that the token distribution has stopped. It is not uncommon to have a fixed offer with a flexible funding objective, in which the delivery of tokens will be made by acquired assets, which means that additional funding for the project will incur higher token costs.


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How does an ICO work?

All ICO Marketing Guide start with a vision. The original ideas come with a blockchain-related business idea and provide the community. Once the launcher finds a sequence, they go ahead and officially write a white paper that provides all the details – from the team working on the project to its future plans and technical features.

Various details are selected at the time, including the number of tokens to be distributed, the cost of all tokens and how the tokens will be used as part of the business ecosystem. Incentive efforts are being made after this to seize power and the ICO Marketing Guide is revealed when the token agreement is booked to start. There is usually a set time to spend the required funds, after which the contract is terminated.

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