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How to safely drill a hole in the glass without cracking?

Drilling hole in the hard stuff like glass or ceramic tiles is complicated work. If you use the wrong technique or tools, then it will make the glasses get cracked or shattered. If you think drilling holes in glass is easy like wood then it’s wrong. First of all, you need to choose the best bits that are made especially for glass. Different bits come in different sizes. Depending on your work, you have to choose the right drill bit. To find the right drill bit check now the reviews that will be more helpful for you to choose the right bits. Below are few tips that you should follow to drill a hole in glass safely without chipping or cracking.

  • Before you start drilling, it is significant to check the variable speed settings. If you drill at high speed, then it may damage the bit.It is good to start with a low speed and applying light pressure helps you to drill without any cracks.
  • Next, you have to choose the right size of drill bits. They come in several sizes and having small drill bits can start the hole and you can choose the other sizes of holes as per your needs. For choosing the best drill bits check now and buy the right one.
  • Applying oil on the glass helps to lessen the heat while drilling. It is significant to secure the glass on the flat surface or the rubber pad. You can mark the spot to be drilled. Do not give more pressure that may crack the glass.
  • It is good to stop periodically to ensure that hole is in the right shape and spot. Working on glass is a risk and so wear protective equipment while drilling.
  • Once the drilling work is completed, smooth the rough edges using sandpaper. Thus, follow these simple tips to drill a hole in glass safely.
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